Who is Nav-CARE designed to help?


ADULTS LIVING WITH QUALITY OF LIFE CONCERNS SUCH AS: Loneliness or social isolation Recent loss or multiple losses Mobility or sensory challenges Increased disengagement Coping with transitions and multiple decisions Difficulty finding or accessing information or resources Perceived need for the program

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What does Nav-CARE mean?


NAV-CARE IS AN ACRONYM. IT IS CALLED NAV-CARE INSTEAD OF N-CARE BECAUSE THE LATTER SOUNDS TOO MUCH LIKE “END-CARE”. THE ACRONYM IS EXPLAINED BELOW: NAV – NAVIGATING. Volunteers are called navigators, as they help navigate changes in quality of life and aging with clients, a role that previous clients have described as making their life [...]

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What are some possible positive outcomes?


THESE ARE SOME OF THE POSITIVE RESULTS WE HAVE SEEN THUS FAR: Clients are able to ask for help without feeling like they are burdening their friends or family Having a neutral person who clients can talk to honestly about their feelings and situation Someone who can help clients explore their options so that they [...]

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Who qualifies? Is there an age requirement?


IN THE PAST, NAV-CARE WAS LIMITED TO SENIORS, BUT IT IS NOW AVAILABLE TO ALL ADULTS WITH DECLINING HEALTH OR EXPERIENCING A QUALITY OF LIFE CONCERN LISTED IN THE FIRST QUESTION. There is no need to have a specific diagnosis or condition; what is important is that the person accessing the service feels that they [...]

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What measures are you taking to prevent the spread of Covid-19?


We take the safety of our clients and volunteers seriously. Most in-person services have been reinstated, however, we continue to offer virtual support based on personal preference. If a client and volunteer wish to meet in-person, and the provincial and local health guidelines allow, both people must adhere to our Safe Meeting Plan and sign [...]

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